Identify the Personality Using Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a groundbreaking way to achieve better engagement with the customers. Any business can now understand, and predict how an individual is likely to respond for given scenarios. It can be applied to customer services, marketing, sales and more. Companies who do not adopt this new technology risk becomes more quick irrelevant. For the better understanding of our prospectus or customers, you can fine-tune your optimal approach to an interaction. The goal is actually beyond prediction, it is to help create experiences to a specific personality type. Scientists developed a new artificial intelligence technology to know the person’s personality by their eye moments.

Researchers found that a person’s eye movement shows that whether they are curious, social or happy with the algorithm software recognizing four types of personality states which are neuroticism, extroversion, agreeableness, and conscientiousness. This can be done through cognitive computing. When we try to analyze our personality without eye movement we can use our social media websites. The personality portrait provides a visual way to understand the analysis. You will get a list of behaviors that an individual’s like to show to everyone, and list of traits separated by the categories. You can also see feedback on how robust the results are, based on the number of words analyzed. While the service can apply to as little as 100 words, more words can be necessary to get reliable or correct results about the personality of a person.

Our eyes allow us to perceive the world around us, but they are also a window into the mind. In fact, an emerging body of research suggests that the way in which we move our eyes is affected by our personality. Many types of research stated that they have found people with similar traits tend to move their eyes in a similar way. Like if a person is an optimist he spends less time looking at negative emotions like images of cancer while the people who are more curious try to take all the parts on the screen. Recently few researchers in Australia and Germany tried to understand more about the link between personality and eye movements by developing a machine learning algorithm which is a type of a computer code that knows without the need to be specifically programmed.

A study said that a programmed machine used by the scientists is at between seven and fifteen percent better in reading the personality traits. This is because the participants in the study were asked to use eye tracking smart glasses as they go about their daily life instead of the test center from answering the questionnaires on the personality traits. In the future, the machine learning algorithm may be programmed into smartphones, self-driving cars, and robots that can assist the people. With the algorithm, these technologies can offer more personal and customized support to the users. And there is a warning by researchers that the artificial intelligence needs to be strictly regulated so it cannot be abused by anyone.

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