Impact of Artificial intelligence on Digital marketing

Artificial intelligence is the most used term now globally, it is defined as a machine or a computer system which perform human tasks as perfectly as a human and for which it needs human intelligence as perception, language translation, learning, reasoning etc. Artificial intelligence is a most used in technology that everyone wants to know about it. Artificial intelligence today is increasing rapidly across all the types of industries. The big data and analytics booth combined shows a whole new way of intelligence in the automation that human is just trying to start or step into it

Digital marketing refers to one of the marketing modes in which marketing is done by using an electronic device or internet. There are many digital channels through which we can market ourselves through the internet they are like search engines, social media, email, and their websites. Digital marketing is one of the many streams that this artificial intelligence is disrupting. Artificial intelligence in digital marketing lets marketers focus on creating really personal, relevant connections with presently engaged customers.

Need of artificial intelligence in digital marketing:

To make marketing easy and marketers life easy AI is used in digital marketing. Marketers need to be depended on the technology to automate their work and reduce people’s effort for marketing for a while. It has become a key for the marketers to create engagement and growth with customers, to forecast sales, to increase their brand integrity. With this artificial intelligence, there is another trend called big data which is helping the marketers for their growth.

We have data everywhere, every customer in this digital world bring a form of data and tries to create a new data for the marketers to understand, to proceed and to act on it. If they have big information in the database it cannot be easier and that issue makes things complicated that firstly we need to segment the data which is only necessary and go by the work we need to do with the data but sometimes it may not give the accurate results. So here artificial intelligence comes in to picture to handle with large amount and data but gives accurate information

Artificial intelligence and machine learning can understand human behavior only to some extent. AI helps back marketers to innovate and increase their brand integrity. AI helps digital marketers to create campaigns, solutions, and brands. From texting to video businesses, the big data mergers, machine learning and many everyday experiences in daily life which AI Made easy.

In digital marketing these are the areas where AI is used as a tool:


It is a process where categorizing the customers according to geographical, demographical basis and targeting the customers according to the aspects and the product.AI here is about how products and services are segmented for an individual or to a group.


AI in this process helps in self-designing websites. Here the website will take care of its own SEO strategy and contents in the marketing process.


Mostly many people to find something on the internet uses Google search. Google’s AI engine helps in processing the results. Ecommerce search, network searches, machine learning are changing the way online search works.


A system produces articles, summaries and makes contents for other users in natural language generation. This tool helps in creating financial reports and trends in only growing.


For every business like ecommerce, online stores, product based and service-based business consists of a sales team who promote sales, increases sales level, promote the brand. Any new innovation in technology help sales team to develop their working skills. As an automated sales assistance helps you to keep track of leads, identifies leads, create a dashboard to analyze the performance of the employees.

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