Is artificial intelligence Boon or Bane?

Artificial intelligence is one of the most growing fields in the current market. Artificial intelligence is known as such because intelligence is provided to the computer, machines, and systems in an artificial manner. This process is done by the mathematical algorithms and techniques which then processes the data and gives you the end result. It is the process of making things do as we humans do. Machines, computers and the electronic devices do not understand humans. The process that into a digital form but to process that data it needs to apply some logic and intelligence and then make use of the data as we humans do. And this is what artificial intelligence about.

The technical definition of artificial intelligence is performing tasks and actions in the way we human perform based on the knowledge it has that knowledge is that can be either stored directly or it can also be stored in the real-time based on learning of the system from the external environment. Artificial intelligence is transforming the nature of almost everything which is connected to human life like the economy, privacy, communication, workspace, employment, security, ethics, healthcare etc.


Artificial intelligence is a field that has much potential in the upcoming years and how you use it is the main may be used for the commercial usage in the corporate sector or can be used artificial intelligence system as a product for your households or domestic purpose. Depending on what output is to be generated, the model is created and then different algorithms are made to use. Every technology or everything that is consumed or used has two sides and each one has their own advantages and disadvantages to them. In the same way, artificial intelligence can also be a boon or s bane

To make your artificial intelligence system accurate and reliable, it is important to train the system efficiently with a good set of data and knowledge. Depending upon the training data your output of the matter will be. The impact of the output depends a lot on the training data during the development of the artificial intelligence system. Artificial intelligence can be boon or bane depending on four factors

1. The knowledge fed initially in the system.
2. The way your artificial intelligence model is trained to do tasks
3. The knowledge is taken from the domain expert
4. The way it is trained to learn new things and update its knowledge

At the beginning of the century, many spoke that this artificial intelligence could make replace of many of the employees and rule the job market. Yes, that prediction was true artificial intelligence is taking over legal jobs, managerial jobs, and even reporting jobs.
People are using artificial intelligence to do dangerous jobs like welding, which is well known for producing toxic chemicals, intense heat, and ear-splitting noise can now be done by the robots in many of the cases.

Artificial intelligence can also use big data to identify trends and use that information to come up with the solutions to the world’s biggest problems.

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