Blockchain and the rise of transaction Technology

What is Block chain Technology all about?

With the help of a blockchain, several people can dabble in writing entries into a complete record of information, and a community of users can also control how the record of information... Read more »
7 Predictions for Blockchain Technology in 2018

7 Predictions for Blockchain Technology in 2018

Around the time of January 2016, there was actually one popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, which did hold a unicorn ($1 billion) valuation. Now of course, there are nearly 40 crypto-unicorns, with more of... Read more »
Advantages of Blockchains

Advantages of Blockchains

BBlockchainhas indeed several advantages and is therefore preferred much for monetary transactions. One must focus on these advantages to appreciate value of blockchains. What are the advantages of blockchain? Efficiencies that result... Read more »

5 Essential Block chain Predictions That Will Define 2018

The potential for blockchain technology is to be able to bring about rather widespread changes that have been predicted since 2011 and with the focus being upon the emergence of Bitcoin. But... Read more »
How Block Chain upholds trust in Commerce and Mobility?

How Block Chain upholds trust in Commerce and Mobility?

The Trust Revolution Different forms of revolutions have been there and now we have the trust revolution in blockchain technological applications.Society operates upon trust and also several kinds of transactions be it... Read more »

5 Blockchain developments coming 2018

During 2017, one indeed saw several big technology players rather making moves in the blockchain. In addition to Microsoft and IBM, Oracle had also announced in October a newer form of cloud-based... Read more »
All about Bitcoin Cryptocurrency

All about Bitcoin Cryptocurrency

ARE YOU NEW TO DIGITAL CURRENCIES? Similar to paper money as well as gold, bitcoin and ether do allow parties to exchange value. Unlike their predecessors, they indeed are digital cum decentralized.... Read more »
Blockchain and the rise of transaction Technology

Blockchain and the rise of transaction Technology

The last couple of years the term ‘fintech’ was very popular but now from startups to investors onwards to government programs, fintech has been in usage. Off late “regtech” and “govtech” have... Read more »
Blockchain Business

Blockchain Business

Financial Services Traditional systems are usually cumbersome, error-prone and rather very slow. Intermediaries do often need to mediate the process and also resolve conflicts. Naturally, this does mean stress, time, and also... Read more »

How does the block chain technology work?

Three principal technologies to combine the creation of a blockchain. These technologies are 1) private key cryptography, 2) a distributed network with a shared ledger and 3) an incentive to service the... Read more »
What block chain does and what it means to you?

What block chain does and what it means to you?

The early internet dealt with intangibles as one sent or received emails, corresponded on forums, read as well as distributed articles. Now the modern internet does deal with assets. These assets are... Read more »

2018 – The Year we Democratize Blockchain

Bitcoin is nearing its 10th year in the existing market and that indeed requires celebration. The world has indeed seen a tremendous interest in blockchain across various industries and several countries, from... Read more »
Advantages of Blockchains

How blockchain can reduce inequality?

In 2017 there has been much public awareness about cryptocurrencies. Blockchain technology has been underpinning cryptocurrencies which is much more a general-purpose technology. The potential of blockchain does lie in its ability... Read more »

Blockchain Testing Tools

What is Blockchain? It is accepted as a data structure which does exist in many different places at once and which is also very difficult to make the required amendments to as... Read more »

Top 6 International Blockchain Events of 2018

The year 2018 is an exciting year for cryptocurrencies as well as blockchain technology. Latest trends will be followed by new startups, ICO’s, and blockchain disruption being some of the highlights of... Read more »

Blockchain, Banks, and the Innovator’s Dilemma

The tools that are being used to organize and facilitate the very functioning of the human societies, along with the bureaucracies that happen to manage them, have indeed failed to keep pace... Read more »

Blockchain Prospects: What to Expect in 2018?

The year 2017 was indeed a successful year for cryptocurrency investors as well as enthusiasts and there has been rather successful growth, thus enhancing the image of cryptocurrencies as well as blockchain.... Read more »

The Scope of Bitcoin and Blockchain in India

Bitcoin happens to be a digital asset cum payment system which makes use of peer-to-peer technology in order to operate with no central authority or even banks. Geographical boundaries do not contain... Read more »

The Future of Cryptocurrencies in India

Blockchain has made many inroads in India. During demonetization, many people started capitalizing their cash in Bitcoin and proceeded to owe them now. Several tech-savvy citizens did purchase Bitcoins as well in... Read more »

4 Different Ways to Buy Bitcoin

The important question that arises in one’s mind is where to buy Bitcoin? One can purchase bitcoins online with the help of a credit card, debit card, or bank transfer. Get hold... Read more »

7 Most Interesting Uses of Blockchain

Blockchain has become an essential component on account of its usefulness as Bitcoin and other digital cryptocurrencies. It has several potential uses. From the stock market onwards to the bank, Blockchain may... Read more »

3 Ways Blockchain Is Revolutionizing Cybersecurity

For Blockchain, the second quarter of 2017 was indeed quite impressive for blockchain companies as well as investors. Blockchain will now be impacting several industrial set-ups. While banking, finance and real estate... Read more »

How High Can Bitcoin’s Price Go in 2018?

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are expected to change the economy drastically and will re-shape the world. Bitcoin has indeed seen a roughly 20-fold rise ever since the beginning of 2017, thus outshining virtually... Read more »

A Short History Of Bitcoin And Crypto Currency Everyone Should Know

Bitcoin made it to the headlines this week as the price of one unit of the existing cryptocurrency passed up to $11,500 for the first time. Although it is considered to be... Read more »

Will Cryptocurrency Replace National Currencies By 2030?

The cryptocurrency market highlights those trades which are involved in various digital-based coins. Bitcoin it is understood has dramatically gone up in value and has dropped off late. ICOs which have been... Read more »

Why Use Bitcoin?

Bitcoin was indeed originally created as an alternative, decentralized payment mode. Unlike the regular international bank transfers at that time, it was a low-cost and in fact almost instantaneous. An added advantages... Read more »

How To Buy Bitcoin Anywhere in The World?

One can buy Bitcoins in nearly every country of the world from, Gift cards, ATM, local traders, broker, and exchanges. One has definitely heard of cryptocurrency Bitcoin. One can buy a Bitcoin,... Read more »

12 Cryptocurrency Alternatives to Bitcoin

The explosion in the price and importance of bitcoin that has led to the growth of dozens of other cryptocurrencies. Meanwhile, companies are also much betting that blockchain, which happens to be... Read more »

What’s the Best Bitcoin Wallet?

Bitcoin is much sought after. One wants the best bitcoin wallet you can. Blockchain technology will continue and one would like to know the best bitcoin wallet for 2018 and beyond? Let... Read more »

Blockchain for Decrease Costs and Optimize Results in Healthcare

Blockchain technology has been very popular in the technological world. It is a distributed system that does hold the capacity to be able to record transactional data and also store records. In... Read more »

Blockchain— It’s Impact.

Digital technologies allow people to do business across borders and continents in an instant. At the same time, they have to trust one another and thus rely on bureaucracy and middlemen. Security,... Read more »

4 Cryptocurrency Future Scenarios

Can one imagine one’s paycheck in Bitcoins? This is what cryptocurrency will be all about. Financial transactions will indeed undergo a revolution and these practices will be incorporated in the financial transactions.... Read more »

Can insurance blockchain ease customers’ burden?

Life insurance companies do assert that the blockchain is being created with strict protocols in order to leave no room for manipulation as well as exploitation, or unauthorized usage of customer data... Read more »
Bitcoin Price Today USD – Latest Price Chart Analysis and Bitcoin Price Prediction 2018

Bitcoin Price Today USD – Latest Price Chart Analysis and Bitcoin Price Prediction 2018

Bitcoin headed to $100,000 in 2018, says analyst who predicted last year’s price rise. • Bitcoin could hit $100,000 in 2018. • Bitcoin will actually be driven by a larger uptake of... Read more »
Bitcoin and how is it different from normal currency?

Bitcoin and how is it different from normal currency?

Bitcoin, as we are already aware, is a type of digital currency, which was created and is being made use of electronically. No single person or an authority control it. Bitcoins are... Read more »

What is the purpose of a blockchain?

It is essential to know the purpose of Blockchain and why one must go in for it? It is important to be aware of its significance in our daily dealing in the... Read more »
Are you still confused about bitcoin? Do not know what cryptocurrency is?

Are you still confused about bitcoin? Do not know what cryptocurrency is?

A lot of confusion exists about what exactly Bitcoins are, how they might prove to be rather useful, and whether they actually represent a lifetime investment opportunity and whether there is a... Read more »
5 Benefits of Cryptocurrency

5 Benefits of Cryptocurrency: A New Economy for the Future

Before making use of cryptocurrency, one would certainly like to know the advantages of it. Let us get to know more about its benefits. ADVANTAGES OF CRYPTOCURRENCY Fraud: Cryptocurrencies are digital in... Read more »
Why is Bitcoin so controversial?

Why is Bitcoin so controversial?

Bitcoin is accepted as a peer to peer, decentralized cryptocurrency, rather the first of its kind.  It is envisioned as well as designed as a better alternative to the fiat money that... Read more »
Different techniques to acquire Bitcoin

Different techniques to acquire Bitcoin

There are indeed several techniques in order to acquire Bitcoins. It would be interesting to observe them. Buy Some Bitcoins Buying Bitcoins is a rather very simple and straightforward process. One can... Read more »