Blockchain Prospects: What to Expect in 2018?

The year 2017 was indeed a successful year for cryptocurrency investors as well as enthusiasts and there has been rather successful growth, thus enhancing the image of cryptocurrencies as well as blockchain.

What is in the offing?

Institutions and Investment Services

One may take note here that 2018 will bring about much changes in the crypto space in terms of the respective inflow of capital into the markets. There are issues that need to be focused upon by financial institutions. There is likely new ways for people to invest through the mutual funds, hedge funds, or even one’s pension funds, and several institutional services will be offered for investing in cryptocurrency.

In 2017, the introduction of Bitcoin did have much impact. Efforts were on to capitalize on the growth of the market. In fact, Bitcoin will continue to grow, as market e demand will definitely. Major institutions have much to learn about cryptocurrencies and the year 2018 would see a massive institutional entry into the respective market.

Value Investing

Another major shift is towards value investing.With an increase in the number of exit scams as well as project shutdowns, exchange hacks/insolvencies/bugs, scammy ICOs etc., more people are suffering a setback. There will be more value investing this year as potential downsides are more seriously taken.

There is a possibility of much decrease in value/foundations-driven investing and several projects that will be delivered will indeed lose credibility and is also likely to pull thru exit scams.

There is also a possibility of a lot of projects failing in 2018, and in case this occurs partnerships, utility, and use-case oriented projects will indeed be highlighted, as solid, working products and rather a clear demonstration of demand will stand out.

Scalability and Innovation

The year 2018 will be noticeable for scalability. Cryptocurrency cum blockchain real-world applications and feasibility do rely on the technological scaling.

Blockchain has indeed seen major interest in the business ecosystem, with much increased demand due to its efficacy as well as cost-saving functions.

Corporate Involvement

Major companies are working on their own respective solutions. During 2018, one can probably expect a lot more big companies either utilizing the current blockchain solutions through partnerships or creating their own respective blockchain solutions.

The Year of “Altcoins”

There has been positive growth in various altcoins with focus on the greater market for it. It is expected that altcoins will continue to outgrow Bitcoin. Bitcoin is in fact no longer dictating the entire market due to the increased liquidity in altcoins.


The present year involves a lot of regulations, with several countries either creating or even fortifying their own viewpoint regarding cryptocurrencies.

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