How Blockchain Technology is Transforming Sustainable Development

One needs to have access to the most influential startup founders in this exciting world of the blockchain. One is no doubt on a mission to educate as well as inform the respective founders as well as investors on the current affairs of the blockchain industry. The idea is to provide to them an accurate as well as up to date perspective on the competitive business environment, global investment landscape as well as the leaders who are changing the game.

Issues discussed:

• What the impact economy has been
• The key challenges as well as issues that are facing the industry
• How blockchain technology is indeed helping to solve these problems

Making use of the ixo protocol, organizations, as well as funders, can make use of a decentralized impact exchange to create verified impact claims. This proof can also be used to access social impact bonds as well as government subsidies, and also drive down the cost of the evaluation. The data from this impact does make claims that become a part of a global impact ledger, an open data commons that organizations, governments, and researchers can also access to make informed decisions.

Emphasis is given to investing in better ways for people to meet their health and human development needs. There is also a need for increased access to better quality health services as well as life-saving medical interventions.

One needs to conceptualize as well as implement innovative development projects and by also founding ambitious social ventures.

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