Institutional Demand for Bitcoin and Crypto Resurges

There is the tremendous indication that Bitcoin’s recent drop of 70% from its December record highs has led to a renewed interest in the BTC as well as cryptocurrency markets from institutional investors.

It has been felt by experts that investors were much to gain by the usage of Bitcoin. The focus has been on widespread institutional investments. It has been observed that widespread institutional investment is rather an inevitability for cryptocurrencies.

The inflow of the existing institutional capital to the cryptocurrency market, on account of increase in regulation and investor protection, that could indeed lead to cryptocurrencies to a positive quarter.

There has been an increase in the trading volume of Bitcoin contracts and trading volume is rather steadily increasing on a monthly basis.

Greater regulation of the existing markets is indeed bringing more institutional investors into the fold and thus leading to increased efficiency of the market and providing much confidence of investors.

It has been observed that there has been a lack of clear as well as effective regulations that do surround the virtual currency markets as well as the primary obstacle to widespread institutional exposure to the cryptocurrency markets.
Investments are very important for organizational growth and the price of a Bitcoin is supposed to be rising by design. Financial transactions do play a major role in how businesses operate. Any new form of financial technology is always welcomed.

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