Do Virtual Reality Will Perform to cure any Phobias and Neuro Logical conditions?

Here we go, all we know virtual reality is the trending and most preferable technology for entertainment as well to feel the things that are not real. However, it is a big fraud when it comes to the 80’s and early 90’s people they got to know it is an eye stressing and the Mind spoiling tool where the kids and the latest generation use it as technological toy but, our Grands will think when we keep the VR headset they think we are handling the Head Bomb. So funny right but most of us and Our Grands don’t know this Virtual reality is not only used for entertainment purpose but also for the

Treatments also. Sounds Crazy right?

Let’s have a Look at this treatment and How doctors and scientists are using this VR to solve Human Problems,

  • A pioneering Virtual Reality therapy solves and controls and decreases the Blood pressure and Pain level among the people with neurological conditions this therapy has been rolled in the part of UK and for the rest of the of the world, this is going to be the Trending one.
  • where it has been used to support people with conditions such as cerebral palsy, MS, and motor neuron disease, as well as those with brain injuries.
  • According to General Report, People can use a headset and headphones to immerse themselves in an experience of their choice, such as sitting on a beach, scuba diving and skydiving, and it’s having a Dramatic effect on those using it.
  • While in these trails residents of the UK was shown according to reports saying that Their BP levels and Pain levels have been decreased and some of them were relaxed and less agitated within seconds for applying this therapy.
  • Whereas for some residents there BP levels were increased because of their excitement while happening VR therapy.
  • Most of the 75% of people’s reports saying that they have decreased their BP levels and they are having a relaxed state of mind. One of the 65 aged people was telling the therapy experience was terrific and I have seen the places where I could not go with my wheelchair.
  • Some are feeling they’re kicking off their shoes and lapping the sea.

Confronting Phobia can be treated using the Virtual reality therapy

Up to now, we have seen the people decreasing their BP levels and pain levels using the VR therapy. Now, we will look out the Phobia where most of the people are suffering for it. It is nothing but Fear of heights.

According to the latest survey that Oxford scientists are seen is the people who are scared of heights can get rid of fear using the VR therapy.

Oxford conducted a clinical survey of the 49 people and all of them are facing the Confronting Phobia and they are fixed with the VR headsets playing the Video of crossing the Glass floor from away of 10 floors and some of them where sat with the playing video of throwing them from the top 10 floors and the final results was out of 49 people there where 36(69%) members got rid of Phobia.

Scientists also saying that using the VR Therapy other mental conditions can be treated.

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